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5th Reunion Wristbands & Costumes Sale Starts!

Are you ready yet? Head over to the official Eventbrite page to get your wristbands and costumes now!

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We are the champions

1894 Bowl recipient — for the largest percentage of attendance at an off-year reunion: Us with 54%! 1915 Cup recipient — for the largest number present at an off-year reunion: Us with 723 classmates!

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Boston Beer Party

A very happy happy hour in Boston, thanks to our beloved Regional Chair, Becca Scharfstein!

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A summer of celebration

12ers, you may have heard by now that our class made history once again! Thank you for your kindness and loyalty to the best old place of all.So why the deluge of phone calls and emails earlier this summer? Well, June

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Best week of the year: 2014 edition

Reunions are fast approaching! In just 24 days, we’ll be together again, celebrating the two years since graduation (can you believe it’s been that long?!). Here’s some info about the best week of the year: Tent entrance: You must have

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How to receive class emails

Miss us? We miss you, too. If you’re not on our class listserv and do not receive our emails, make sure to update your contact information by either: Logging into and choosing My TigerNet on the left-hand side Contacting Alumni Records directly at or 609-258-3114

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Reunions 2014!

Classmates, register for our second reunion here (May 29th – June 1st 2014) . Our class is offering the cheapest wristbands available; below is our original announcement. Buy them now before the price increases in April — our sale is

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Winter 2014: Regional class events

We welcomed 2014 with a slew of class gatherings! Becca Scharfstein and Bobby Blatt started the year off in Boston with a pub night at Howl at the Moon on January 9th. This event comes in the wake of an

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NYC pub night tonight at 9 PM

First 30 people who show up tonight at 9 PM at Brinkley’s (on the LES, 406 Broome Street) can grab a free drink, so start your night off with some familiar faces, and we’ll use the turnout for this event to help guide us for

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How to land on our First Reunion priority housing list

The University provides us with a limited number of dorm rooms for our first and every fifth Reunion. We devised a point system to encourage the great Class of 2012 to stay united and to participate in class events, while continuing to leave

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