How to land on our First Reunion priority housing list

The University provides us with a limited number of dorm rooms for our first and every fifth Reunion. We devised a point system to encourage the great Class of 2012 to stay united and to participate in class events, while continuing to leave a mark on the University.

The more points you accrue, the more likely you’ll land on our priority housing list for accommodations on campus this spring. The clock starts now, and using the outline below as a guide, you can calculate how many points you currently have and plan to accumulate. Once registration for Reunions officially starts in a few weeks, we’ll verify and ask you to submit your points.

Please fill out this form so we can start tracking your points. You will not receive housing if you do not sign up here.

Using the form above, we’ll make a spreadsheet available to all the participants so they can see where they rank, as only 200 or so rooms on campus will be available. If you don’t register now, that’s fine, too. You can tell us your point amount in the spring — this is just to help you along the way.

The point breakdown is as follows:

Dues for one year (Andrew Lewis, our Class Treasurer, has posted a list of dues payers on the Honor Roll page of this website, where you can also pay your dues. Many thanks to Dana Hoffman and Ines Sheppard, our webmasters!): 100 points

Paying dues for five consecutive years (Will count towards the prioirty housing list for our Fifth Reunion in 2017): 600 points — an additional hundred on top of the annual 100 points one would gain

Annual Giving gift (Please make a gift, which will count towards our class. 2012 is striving to set a new record and greatly needs your support.): 50 points

AG volunteering (Make new friends and catch up with old ones by joining our AG team. In order to qualify, one must secure at least three gifts from classmates. Thirty or more gifts will guarantee you housing.): 40 points

Registering for Reunions (Early bird registration only.): 60 points

Organizing an approved regional event (Must be approved class officers or your Regional Chairs): 500 points

Attending a class / regional event (Events must either be organized by the Alumni Council, your Regional Chairs, or approved – see above; University-sponsored events that do not focus on the Class of 2012 in particular do not count.): 50 points

Follow us on Twitter (@pton2012): 50 points

Submit a class note to PAW through our Class Secretary, Nina Bahadur, or our Class Historian, Charlie Metzger: 50 points

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